Ripple is not sitting back anytime soon even after so many deals with the well-known companies. Ripple is having attention of worldwide firms due to it’s faster transactions as compared to the other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is quite slow when it comes to build new blocks and handle transactions per minute but Ripple can do triple of transactions then bitcoin in few minutes with the less processing fee and it can build new blocks every minute. The next stop where Ripple is staying at this point is Western Union. This is one of the most popular money transfer service all around the world.

Raj Agarwal who is a CFO of western union said that we are testing Ripple technology right now for the faster transactions and affordable fees. It was a news in January that western union is about to use Ripple as a payment method.

Raj Agarwal said payment method is still in testing process and there is nothing which should be a big no to the cryptocurrency. The market cap of Ripple is $39.7B and the current value of Ripple is 1.0193. The volume of the Ripple right now is $989.51M.


This morning Ripple XRP is showing slight changes in the prices and are towards lower side overnight. This morning the news of western union and Ripple partnership was quite big in the market. Western union will make their transactions faster and due to this action of WU, cryptocurrency will have great support in the market.

Ripple is saving itself from the crashes and rejections by shaking hands with the major firms all around the world so Ripple can stay in market even after the fluctuating market. According to the CEO if Ripple, this is not a cryptocurrency but a way to make transactions faster and affordable. Now people will be able to receive money in few seconds.


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