Cryptocurrency has gone wild and everywhere on the internet, you can see how people are looking for the predictions and analysis about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies where they are about to invest. Some are saying bitcoin is going to reach $50,000 while some are saying it is going to be $0 in few days. Which one to believe?

If you believe in current value then you can’t accept the fact that bitcoin is going to be $0 but if you are not in the favor of cryptocurrency then, of course, you can believe that bitcoin is the mother of all the bubbles.

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The Winklevoss brothers believe it strongly that the coming time is all about the cryptocurrency and bitcoin will soon be 40 times more than it’s current value in the market. According to them bitcoin is will cross $50,000 and that’s why they have invested such a huge amount of crypto.

It’s been years that Winklewoss brothers are in this business and they are glad how bitcoin has made them billionaires in few years. Head of APAC business development, Thomas Glucksmann said that bitcoin is surely going to reach $50,000 at the end of 2018 and this is his firm belief.

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India is about to launch its own currency but on the other hand, they think cryptocurrency is not legal. Due to the no regulations and changing decisions of Indian government bitcoin is still not stable as it should be. If you are willing to look out for the advice of experienced analysts and financial advisors then according to them bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going to achieve the target till the end of 2018 and it could be $50,000.

Now it depends on you, who you want to believe? Whether you want to go with your gut feeling or you want to do venture investment in cryptocurrency for the lifetime experience?


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