Tips In XRP Now Possible For Non Crypto People Through TipBot Paper Accounts


Tips In XRP Now Possible For Non Crypto People Through TipBot Paper Accounts

TipBot, a crypto micro payment system recently launched a paper based account for its users to tip their favorite restaurant, bar or any establishment with Ripple’s XRP. The paper accounts mean that receivers do not even need to have any social account or even hold an XRP supported wallet.

How Paper Account Works

Wietse Wind, the creator of TipBot explained it in a YouTube video, highlighting the ease of use and the benefits of using the paper accounts. He detailed that any TipBot user can create a paper account by using the new feature in the system. By selecting a paper account, TipBot will create a file that holds two QR codes. One code will be a public QR for sending the tips to that account. The other private QR code holds information for the recipient of the XRP tip with instructions on how to create a TipBot account and receive his or her crypto tip.

The paper account, apart from making it easier for users to tip (or simply gift XRP), has another added advantage. Receivers of the XRP can even by people who do not have XRP wallets, or even cryptocurrency for that matter. They can simply accept the physical paper and follow the instructions to create the TipBot account and receiver their XRP at any convenient time of their choosing.

Talking To Wind

Wietse Wind, had said a number of things about the latest feature, such as:

“Until now the XRP TipBot has been available for the XRP Community. With the new ‘Paper Accounts’, it will be as easy as handing out a sheet of paper to get someone started and tip (gift) the first XRP.” He also said “The ‘Paper Account’-receiver doesn’t even have to be on Twitter (or reddit/Discord).” And “With the “Paper Accounts” adoption outside of the XRP community may just be around the corner”

He was also confident that this feature will be widely used with the upcoming Christmas celebrations and that he was “very excited to get friends and family to use the XRPTipBot”.

He also mentioned that there was a security feature in the paper wallets. In case a tip is not received by activating the account by the end of month, the funds would be reverted to the sender. This would prevent from funds being stuck and then lost forever.

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