After heavy losses and numbers of predictions here are the latest analysis of top 3 cryptocurrencies in the chart which are rivals and are in demand as well.


Ripple has got heavy votes this weekend after rising strongly into the market. The journey of Ripple XRP is quite impressive. In last few weeks Ripple has gone from $0.50 to $1.05 which increases its demand in the market. If we see it from the technical perspective then we can see how increment in Ripple has improved the market capitalization. As compared to the last highest value which was about $3 Ripple is still far away but the progress we can see is remarkable in the market. From February 6th, 2018 Ripple started to take off and successfully reached the $1.05.

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Bitcoin is considered as the giant cryptocurrency and no matter what you can’t deny the fact that bitcoin has still the highest value in market and traders are still interested in it. Last week there was some news that ETH is all set to take over bitcoin’s position. As bitcoin was at the position of $6000, analysts thought that bitcoin will be down more and ETH will be up. All rumors come to rest as bitcoin started to climb up and according to the recent news it has been predicted that bitcoin may cross the value of $11,000 in February.

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The current value of ETH is about $847 and now surely Ethereum is losing it’s edge to the bitcoin. Ethereum still needs a lot of time to reach the value of bitcoin due to the fewer buyers in a market. If we compare to the general marker behavior then ETH/BTC is having more attention of analysts than any other. These are true rivals and in terms of value, you never know when ETH can reach the highest point. Upcoming weeks in a crypto market are going to decide the level of volatility and what will be the maximum limit of stability of cryptocurrency? According to the predictions, ETH may cross $900 in next one month.

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