There is a world war going on all around where the countries have divided themselves into the team. One team wants to get away from the cryptocurrency but one team want to be a part of it. Some are trying to make few rules against it so they can stop its growth but some are trying to invent new software and ways to make it grow and to give maximum profit to the people. China is trying to get away from the crypto and trying to aware their people but on the other hand, Switzerland is excited to embrace it.

Johann Schneider-Ammann who is an Economics Minister of Switzerland is all set to accept crypto as a part of their nation and they are accepting blockchain as well. They are in support of bitcoin and they want to make their place the land of technology. This is a great news for the citizens of Switzerland who were waiting for this time to invest their amount in this kind of currency. According to Switzerland, they should go with the time and this is the point where everyone is trying to jump to the digitalization. Currency is getting changed and that’s why they are supporting the currency.

The minister also said that there is no clear direction of this currency in few time they will come to know the real future of this currency and as people will get benefit from it then they can decide they want to go with this currency or not. Switzerland is not in favor to impose any regulations and ban on the crypto trading or buying but on the other hand, China and South Korea are not in favor. They are not supporting the cryptocurrency and according to them, crypto is not safe for the people who want to invest their big part of finance in it.

In this matter, the UK is also going to be with Switzerland to support Blockchain and regarding this matter, the summit is about to be held in March. In this summit, different countries will represent their opinion and some regulations will be in form. According to Switzerland, nations should be able to determine their future and where they want to lead their people in the future.


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