There was a day when all the top 10 cryptocurrencies were down at the same time and every currency was losing double figures in the market. Among all 10, the only altcoin was the one which was gaining about 6% that day. Another currency these days which is gaining popularity is Stellar.

In the crypto audience stellar is gaining popularity due to the functionality and rapid transactions in few seconds. It also allows a faster exchange of currencies like USD and GBP. The credibility of the cryptocurrency is enhancing after doing a partnership with IBM and Deloitte.

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Like Ripple, Stellar is trying it’s best to gain popularity with the links of major firms and right now Stellar is at the 7th position in the cryptocurrency top 10 chart. Stellar is showing a progress and showing how people can have maximum profit as well as savings by using this currency in terms of transfers and payments.

The market cap of Stellar is still less than the bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano and bitcoin cash. If stellar is going to build successful relationships in future with the different firms then traders will definitely move towards it.

On Tuesday when every currency was losing some share of itself in the market, Stellar was the only one which was gaining value without any crash. The current value of stellar is about $0.4 and market cap is $7,912,410. The volume of stellar is $247,362 with the circulating supply of 18,432,547.

If you are wondering what is the total supply of stellar is then it is 103,689,123,972 XLM. In future possibilities are if Ripple is going to get stuck at the same position then Stellar may come to the competition in the market and may improve its position. With the increasing demand, the value if Stellar may rise too.


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