We all love to go through predictions and no matter what is the position of the market but we all like to observe what is going to happen next? Predictions hold a great importance in real and business life and usually, in cryptocurrency world, it’s all about predictions. Traders who have already invested in cryptocurrency love to read predictions and right now Stefan Thomson of Ripple has predicted some interesting things about cryptocurrency market in 2018.

ICO Token Will Burst Surely

This year cryptocurrency is on a whole new level and the hottest topic. If you calculate the total worth of cryptocurrency across the plane then it is a lot more than the net worth of JP Morgan ICO. Many traders and investors are looking forward to the ICO and some of them are investing in it too but soon this bubble is going to burst according to Stefan Thomson.

Hybrid Blockchain

Currently, there are two kinds of blockchain we know about, public blockchain which includes bitcoin and private blockchain. The CTO of Ripple predicted that in 2018 Hybrid blockchain is going to make its place in the market which will be the complete mixture of both private and public. Traders will be able to get everything on one platform and there will be less confusion as well as less complication. This is the first time that people are hearing about hybrid blockchain but it may bring different output for the cryptocurrency world.

Adoption Globally

Cryptocurrency is doing well in terms of adoption but in future, there is a bright chance of how different institutions like pension funds, manager assets, and other financial sectors will adopt cryptocurrency for the quick payment system. There will be certain rules and guidelines for everyone before banks are going to make cryptocurrency universal and how people can use it from minor need to major buying.


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