Many people are still unsure about how they can invest in cryptocurrency and which currency is going to perform best this year? You may go through lots of prediction in a day and you must witness how these things may help you in having a great fortune but it has a risk factor too.

If we are talking about the strong cryptocurrencies then we can see that Bitcoin and Ripple are known as one of the most progressive and adaptive cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is gaining favors too from the major organization but when we are talking about the serious adoptions then Ripple is having this lead.

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We have few reasons why Ripple XRP is going to do well in 2018 and why you are not going to regret after investing in it.


If we are comparing bitcoin with Ripple then we can see that bitcoin is a bit slow and expensive in a transaction as compared to the Ripple. Ripple can do about 1500 transaction per second which is convenient to the people and faster for the major organizations. This is the main factor why worth of Ripple is more as compared to any other in adoption.


Ripple provides the frictionless transaction to the users which means that it’s easier to transfer your amount across the border with the help of Ripple and it provides faster operation. After the adoption of Ripple by major firms, you can trust it completely.

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Various banks around the world are ready to accept Ripple as their payment method. Standard Chartered is one of the banks which is ready to invest in Ripple and they are having faith on Ripple. At this point when Ripple is quite down in the value and affordable you can invest in it and wait for few months when it will stable again.


Ripple is playing a great role in the market development and according to the predictions, Ripple is going to cross $20 in 2018 after the support of organization all across Europe. Trading volume of XRP is getting high too and its popularity will be on top soon.



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