If we compare Ripple XRP with the other cryptocurrencies in terms of transactions and fees then it’s much faster than bitcoin and others. This is the reason why most of the major firms are showing their interest in adopting Ripple XRP, no matter if prices are going down or up but people are willing to afford Ripple XRP as their payment method. The company Ripple has created its own cryptocurrency named XRP.

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Ripple XRP has successfully signed one more deal with the major UAE exchange for the cross-border payment transfers. They are testing Ripple net technology to make the international payment transfer in seconds promising.

Promoth Mangath who is a CEO of UAE exchange said that Ripple XRP is going to help them in driving more traffic and it will make everything easier for the customers in terms of payment transfer anywhere.

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The early adoption of the Ripple XRP is going to leave a great impact on a company when people will transfer their amount from one place to another. The speed will be double and cross-border transaction fee will be minimum and affordable to everyone. This deal will be in a favor of Ripple and this will boost its value as buyers are only going to increase in the market as compared to the sellers.

If a market like UAE is going to adopt Ripple XRP for the payment transfer then it definitely boosts the value of Ripple and other countries will also look into the matter of adopting it for the faster and safer transactions on affordable rates.

Customers don’t have to involve the third party when they are transferring amount to anyone internationally. This deal will help Ripple XRP in making it’s placed in the market strongly and in future may be XRP will be considered as one of the safest currencies around the world.


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