Despite all the crashes and negative predictions, bitcoin is still not less than anyone. Bitcoin has made so many investors rich in no time and last year when bitcoin was at its peak at that time people were investing a huge amount of their fortune and were getting a great profit. After Bitcoin, Ripple (XRP) successfully drove traffic towards it and convince traders that this coin has potential to fulfill all needs of traders and it has a lot to offer than bitcoin. Till last year Ripple (XRP) was at $3 but right now it’s plunging below $1.

After some crackdowns and due to the competitive coins in the market Ripple (XRP) is having a tough time too but the strongest thing Ripple (XRP) has currently is it’s partners. Ripple (XRP) is at the lowest point $0.86 with 5% minus in its value.

The market cap of Ripple (XRP) is sinking too and now standing at $33Billion all the way from $40Billion. According to the market, possibilities are that Ripple (XRP) can overtake bitcoin if in next 6 months Ripple (XRP) shows potential to reach to the desired target of $5-$7 then more partners will be its side.

Still, today Ripple (XRP) is getting trade below $1 which is a red signal for the cryptocurrency. Ripple (XRP) is still going through a hard time and it’s still a prediction that in future Ripple can compete with Bitcoin. Currently, bitcoin’s value is down but still far away from Ripple (XRP) value. It’s been 2 months that 2018 has started and cryptocurrency is not stabilizing yet.

According to the expert’s opinion and prediction market is still hopeful about cryptocurrency surge this year. We have to witness whether Ripple (XRP) has potential to be a next bitcoin or nobody has the power to replace the giant of cryptocurrency.



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