Many people are thinking that XRP is a cryptocurrency but come of the experienced analysts and experts says that XRP is not a cryptocurrency and people should not buy it to have profit. The basic aim of creating XRP was something else and that should be in the minds of investors.

According to the experts, you can’t compare Ripple XRP with bitcoin and Ethereum because these both cryptocurrencies are far more than in value and people can have great profit out of it. Ripple XRP value is still not up to the mark and it can show a decline to the traders anytime.

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Ripple XRP is not made to be listed next to bitcoin and Ethereum but it’s for the cross-border settlement and for solving the problems of a slow transaction and high processing fees. Co-founder of much better and payment expert, Jens Bader said that Ripple XRP is off the pace and even at this point you can’t consider it as a cryptocurrency. Even in terms of market position Ripple, XRP has to cover a long way to get the title of cryptocurrency.

In the opinion of analysts and experts, people who are investing in Ripple XRP should not invest profit too soon. XRP is going to take years to get stable and to cross $100 worldwide. If major firms who are payment exchanges are adopting Ripple XRP then the reason is to make the payment transfer simple and faster.

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Companies are adopting XRP so customers who are sitting across the border to anywhere in the world don’t have to wait for weeks in order to receive their payment. They may receive their payment in few minute with the minimum processing fee. Ripple XRP is suitable for the banks who want to make payment method faster for the clients and who want their clients to deal financial matters on their own.


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