Traders and investors are like a pillar to the cryptocurrencies and as long as they are supporting coins with their wealth and business sense, cryptocurrency is going to last in the market. Other than traders and investors there is one more thing which is necessary for cryptocurrency in order to grow into the market and that is a partnership.

Soon after launching of different coins, companies started to take interest in it and some of them adopted this digital asset. If we say that Ripple (XRP) is one of the coins with a massive number of partnerships then it’s not wrong.

According to the market survey, it has been reported that Ripple can compete with bitcoin easily if major companies will show their association with a coin. Currently, Ripple (XRP) is successfully driving traffic towards it and trying it’s best to offer them unique features.

Due to the faster transactions and quick methods Ripple (XRP) is the first choice of companies while bitcoin is a bit slow as compared to this. Ripple (XRP) can definitely soar in the market and can achieve it’s desired goal if Amazon partnership is going to work. There are still rumors that Amazon is going to create its own cryptocurrency exchange.

Domains till now which are registered are and If Amazon is going to include Ripple (XRP) in this plan then this is going to be one of the major jumps of this coin. There could be a dramatic change in things if Ripple (XRP) will be a part of it and value bar of Ripple (XRP) will be at the top. Amazon is one of the major online stores in the world and people usually like to shop at it. If Amazon is going to contribute its part in cryptocurrency then the market cap of cryptocurrency will flip too.


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