Ripple XRP is going quite solid in the market and once again cryptocurrency is in the cracking position.

It’s a surprise to people that Ripple has surged about 44% in last 24 hours and has reached $1.15. Ripple XRP must take time to reach $3.65 which was it’s higher point but it has recovered much of its value in last few hours.

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No matter that global market is becoming more volatile or not but cryptocurrency is showing remarkable progress and is in a recovery phase where prices are trying to get stable.

Bitcoin has to get back to the $9000 and Ethereum is at the $879. Bitcoin cash is the value of $1,281. Despite a rise in value it’s still not possible to say whether cryptocurrency is going to get up or it will be down.

It’s almost impossible to predict exactly, some people are saying that cryptocurrency is going to end up at $0 while some of them are saying that cryptocurrency has to grow up from this point. Ripple XRP is lifting the market cap higher which was at it’s the lowest point in last few weeks.

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From the starting of 2018 cryptocurrency was not doing well and most of the coins were at the lowest value. Investors and traders sell their coins off when cryptocurrency lost about 70% of their value in the market but few believed in it and stick with it.

After a whole month of January and one week of February cryptocurrency is finally in the position where people can think about investing in cryptocurrency. Ripple XRP has gained about 44% in last few hours and the next 24 hours must be critical for XRP in terms of observation. If Ripple is going to cross $5 in few months then at the end of 2018 Ripple XRP will cross $15 for sure4



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