After being in a red light for so long, now it’s a time for Ripple to head towards the green light. It’s been months that Ripple (XRP) is offering something profitable to investors. According to few people, Ripple (XRP) is not a cryptocurrency in the first place which means it is basically for the payment settlement problems and how people can transfer funds across the border in few seconds without involving any third party. Due to the heavy adoptions of Ripple (XRP) all over the world, people started to use it as a cryptocurrency and how they can have maximum profit from it.

Ripple (XRP) is known as the third major asset in cryptocurrency world but it seems like nothing is working so well for it. Ripple (XRP) needs major support to climb up in the market and maintain it’s position in the chart.

However, today Ripple (XRP) opened up with 2% increment in the morning. Currently, at the time of writing, Ripple (XRP) has got about 4.93% gains in value and standing at $0.83 which is still far away from the target of $3. Ripple (XRP) is still unable to secure $1 after weeks of struggling hard in the market.

The market cap of Ripple (XRP) has dropped due to the last fluctuation and how heavily it has affected the trading. From $40 Billion, the market cap of Ripple (XRP) has dropped to $32 Billion. Last days of volatility were pretty hard on Ripple (XRP) and few people predicted that if Ripple (XRP) is going to plunge below $0.50 then it would be hard for this coin to survive in the market. Ripple could definitely soar if there will be a strong partnership in the future and if people will adopt Ripple (XRP) as a currency.


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