After doing quite well in the market Ripple XRP is back in the red light. The question is rising once again in the market whether Ripple is going down one more time or is it just a temporary crash? Till this morning Ripple XRP was doing great and was at the value of $1.04 but after two hours Ripple took a step back and crashed at the value of $1.03.

If you see the overall performance of Ripple XRP then it has covered a lot as compared to the last month when XRP was at $0.60. Today’s crash is not that major as compared to the starting of 2018 but it may turn itself into something big.

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Today Ripple’s value is in red light and investors are looking at the value if it’s going to be down or it will rise? If Ripple will crash below $1 this time then maybe in the mid of the year it won’t be possible for Ripple to cross $5. Ripple is recovering from the last week and from the value of $0.60 it has come so far and currently after today’s crash the value is $1.03.

From $1.04 to $1.03 is a major drop in the day which is about -4%. The market capitalization of the Ripple XRP is around $40Billion right now. Yesterday Ripple XRP market capitalization was about $42Billion but today it dropped $2 Billion. A market is still too far away from the highest capital of all the time which was $145.5Billion.

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Ethereum also saw a drop of 1.77% in the market and at the value of $846. Bitcoin is down 1.17% and currently at the value of $8,618. The rank of the Ripple XRP right now is third with the market cap of $40Billion. The current volume of Ripple XRP is $1.13Billion.



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