Ripple Live Price Prediction: Is Ripple (XRP) for $5 in 2018?


No one can ignore the fact how Ripple (XRP) stayed in news in 2017 and how it got the title of becoming one and only currency which successfully gained 11,000% gains in few months.

It was the time when Ripple (XRP) started to gain attention of traders and investors. In 2017 the prediction was that Ripple (XRP) is going to reach $1 and it happened but this year Ripple (XRP) is sinking. After gaining lots of attention in the market suddenly Ripple (XRP) become the weakest cryptocurrency which is not able to maintain it’s position in the market.

Ripple is just not a cryptocurrency but a blockchain solution to the banks and financial sector. The function of this cryptocurrency is basically to save cost of clients when they want to transfer funds across border cheaper and faster.

The unique features of Ripple (XRP) is the reason why banks and companies are signing deals with it and why it distinguishes among 1300 cryptocurrencies all over the world. Just by using Ripple (XRP) banks can decrease the cost by 33% and it’s a promising as well as safest method for transferring payment across border without major deduction from money.

According to our prediction Ripple (XRP) is going to make headlines in upcoming months because of it’s value and how it will push itself towards higher value bar. We are bullish on our prediction and in next 2 months if Ripple (XRP) will continue to climb up in the market along minor crashes then it can surely cross $2.

2018 is not that easy year for cryptocurrency as compared to 2017 when trading volume was high and every cryptocurrency was showing progress but this time traders needs to show their support. Ripple (XRP) will be able to achieve it’s target of $5 in 2018 if more banks and institutions will join hands.


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