Even after getting itself out of the loss phase, a market is still in fear. Cryptocurrency has proved itself to be volatile in nature after bitcoin plunging down below $6,000 which is losing 50% of its value in few days.

Some experts said that bitcoin plunged due to the bans and regulations all over the world while some are saying that bitcoin lost it’s value after people started to sell it off in the market to have profit. There are so many statements all around that you don’t know which one to believe and which to ignore when you are a fond of cryptocurrency.

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The latest update is that few analysts and experts said bitcoin is not going to get stable in the market until and unless fear of investors and traders recedes. According to the reports after the major loss in a market, bitcoin has successfully recovered about 50% of its value but it’s still not stable.

The value of bitcoin is still fluctuating and not crossing $9000 after the period of 3 days when currencies like Ripple has crossed $1. The reason behind why bitcoin is not crossing $9000 is the fear in a market which is not vanishing anytime soon. After enduring though such a heavy loss it’s not easy for the investors or any trader to come back again in the market with a heavy amount.

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To be honest the market cap of bitcoin is at the crucial time and this is an ideal time to buy bitcoin and behold them until it’s a right time to cash out. Bitcoin is definitely not going to cross $10,000 if people will not cross their fear border. If you want to do trading in the market then buy bitcoin in quantity and there will be no going back of bitcoin value. Experts are quite confident about that bitcoin will definitely cross $25,000 in the mid of 2018.



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