Not just analysts and investors but asset rating agencies are also taking interest in the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the hottest topic in the market and it gains the attention of wall street. Everyone is predicting the value of cryptocurrency or they are trying to let people know what they think about different cryptocurrencies and now asset rating agencies are also the inn.

Weiss ratings which are a Florida based company last week released a sheet in which they rate cryptocurrency according to the market and how much investors are taking interest in it.

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This rating was mainly based on the metrics, technological innovation, risk, interest and other factors which are important to consider to guide people about their investment. One of the surprise people goes through after reading a report that none of the cryptocurrency got “A” in a ranking which means this company is still not satisfied with the performance of the cryptocurrency.

As compared to the bitcoin and Ripple, Ethereum has the highest grade in the report. The whole report is a surprise to the market and they are still analyzing it. A cryptocurrency asset expert, David Drake said that Weiss ratings are reliable and it’s just a starting to attract other companies for the ratings.

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According to the investors and traders, these ratings will help a lot of people who are still confused about where they should invest their amount to avoid loss. Al Zdenek who is a President of Taust Sollus wealth management said that

“Weiss has been around for a while and appears to be respected.”

The rating of the cryptocurrency is the recent one in the market. This rating is going to open the gates for other companies to start open ratings and to help the market in understanding what they should keep and what they shouldn’t.



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