These days few questions must be arising in the mind of investors like should I invest in Ripple XRP or not? Should I but Ripple XRP today or I should wait for some more time? These are some questions which should be answered but if you are willing to do trading then this is an ideal time for you to buy cryptocurrency.

Ripple is in the recovery phase at this moment and affordable as well. Even if you are a student and you don’t have sufficient amount in your accounts then you can afford Ripple too in few dollars.

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All you need to do is to hold them for the longer period to cash them at the right time. According to the predictions Ripple, XRP is going to cross $5 in 2018. The current value of Ripple XRP is $0.776 and according to the predictions Ripple, XRP is all about the long-term investment.

As compared to the bitcoin, Ripple XRP raise in value slowly but it is more reliable and less volatile in nature. It is safe too because of major adoptions and payment method demand. It is going to jump to $1.775.

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As per predictions Ripple, XRP is not going to jump to the $10 in 2018. Possibilities are that Ripple XRP is going to reach the level of $5 for sure. If major companies are going to adopt Ripple XRP as a payment method then this is going to increase the demand of XRP in the market.

Experts in the market are saying that there are minimal chances of one more crash for Ripple. There is no way that Ripple XRP is going to take over bitcoin in future. Bitcoin is way too far in terms of value but Ripple can leave bitcoin behind when it comes to the adoption.



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