Kaleido Launches B2B Tech Stack For Implementing Blockchain-Based Solutions

Kaleido has introduced a new business-to-business (B2B) tech stack that aims to assist companies in revolutionizing their supply chains and core payment systems. The company, which is supported by ConsenSys, says that the stack is an aggregation of useful tools and technologies needed to improve the operational efficiency of modern networks. It also creates new revenue generation streams.

Additionally, Kaleido has stated that businesses that use this solution will have an easy time when digitizing assets to issue custom tokens. Other features in the stack, including the asset registry, document store, and an app-to-app messenger, are ‘plug and play.' This means that businesses can easily design and develop DApps using the stack without seeking assistance from experienced developers.

Steve Cerveny, the CEO, and founder of Kaleido said that the introduction of blockchain technology had solved the longstanding challenges of distrust and non-transparency in transactions. He added that their partner networks are already benefiting from the advantages of their tech stack.

Reportedly, Kaleido has assisted big companies such as Fox, Heineken, Shell, Sony, and T-Mobile to integrated blockchain-driven solutions to their business platforms. Last year, Kaleido and Amazon Web Services introduced a marketplace to help business in creating blockchain solutions. The partnership aimed to simplify the implementation of such solutions by eliminating the custom code.

In May 2018, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance launched an architecture stack intending to standardize specifications for business apps based on the Ethereum protocol. The association has several prominent companies in its ranks, including JPMorgan and Santander.

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