With each fluctuation session, cryptocurrency is just not making headlines but traders are talking about it with interest and enthusiasm and doing a favor to their invested coin. Some of the coins are showing remarkable progress while some of them are showing decline despite major adoptions and partners with them. Ripple (XRP) is one of the most over-rated coins with 100 of partners but still plunging below $1. Yesterday Ripple (XRP) was standing at $1.05 with 13% increment in 24 hours but this morning Ripple (XRP) has crashed once again and sunk.

Yesterday traders were in a serene mood when they got news how Ripple (XRP) got 13% increment in value and predictions came out that Ripple is going to climb up on the market until June. Unfortunately, Ripple (XRP) started to sink today again and all predictions came to rest. There is a major reason behind why Ripple (XRP) started to climb and why it plunged again? There were rumors in the market that coinbase is going to add XRP in its collection and it was expected that Coinbase is going to announce this news on some channel officially.

Today coinbase rejected this rumor and they are not in the mood to adopt Ripple (XRP) currently. After this news, XRP started to sink and currently standing at $0.93 with 11% minus in value. After heavy support from major money exchanges to Ripple (XRP), it’s still not able to climb up and staying below $1. Market capital of Ripple (XRP) is also sinking and currently at $36Million with volume in 24 hours $1,191,050,000.

This is absolutely shocking and situation of confusion for the traders who already have invested a huge sum of amount in Ripple (XRP) but currently Ripple (XRP) is highly volatile and not showing any impressive progress.


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