Live Analysis and Predictions: New Beginnings For ETH, BTC and XRP?


Yesterday was a day of losing value and all the cryptocurrencies got minus in their values in few hours. According to the prediction of analysts, it seems like all coins are getting ready for the new beginning. Yesterday many assets lost their momentum and investors seemed to be confused. Here are the live analysis and prediction of BTC, ETH, and XRP.


In the troubled world of cryptocurrency, the increment in Ethereum’s value worked as a fresh zephyr. The tense environment of the market seems to be little calm. Ethereum is currently standing at the value $876 with 7.69% increment in value. The market cap of Ethereum is $85,746,353,323 with the volume in 24 hours $2,368,560,000. The new flow in value is going to create new scenarios in a market which can favor this coin. Ethereum slowly but steadily can reach the value of $890 in one week. Due to the quick recovery, there will be a much support for Ethereum and it can save itself from vandalize reputation.


From the current pattern, the expected result is that bitcoin will be down for the certain time period. There is no upcoming positive pattern in the movement of bitcoin but this coin is successfully making relations with firms who are ready to adopt it as a payment method. Current value of BTC is $10,487 with 3.97% increment in value and current market cap of bitcoin is $177,045,675,718. If bitcoin can cross the resistance of value $10,000 then it can reach to $13,000 but if there will be a crash then first stop will be $9800 while expected second stop will be $8900.


Ripple (XRP) has once again started to climb up and it seems like adoptions are showing a potential for this coin. Current value of Ripple (XRP) is $1.02 with 8.35% increment in value and current market cap is $39,819,228,887. Ripple (XRP) is creating an ideal shape on the chart in an upward position which is showing how it can cross $1.14 in one week. If Ripple (XRP) will crash then the first stop will be $1 while second maximum stop should be $0.90.


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