Litecoin is one of the cryptocurrencies with recorded 7000% gains in 2017. After strict regulations and bans on bitcoin, it was nearly impossible for criminals to trade using bitcoin or to go through anonymous trading anymore. At that time Litecoin was trying to make its position in the market, criminals started to adopt it due to the high security and privacy.

Other than privacy due to the quick climb up in the market in terms of value, Litecoin started to have the attention of traders successfully. Till now traders have successfully invested in Litecoin and it’s showing growth on the charts too.

When 2018 was about to get started at that time the initial value target was $200 but after breaking the barrier of $200, a new target of Litecoin to achieve this year is $400. Like all the other cryptocurrencies Litecoin is not getting controlled by any authorities or central regulatory bodies.

It’s a model of bitcoin launched in 2011 but in so many ways Litecoin has overcome the weakness of bitcoin like timing issues and transaction handling. You can say that Litecoin is a faster version of bitcoin and it’s just not able to proceed faster transaction but it can offer cheaper transactions as well.

Charlie Lee is basically promoting a way to proceed faster and safer transaction through cryptocurrency. Litecoin is offering so many features to the traders which are scam free and they can send as well as receive payment in few minutes.

As per the current demand of Litecoin in the market, it has been determined that Litecoin may reach $400 easily in 2018 after going through minor and major crashes. At the end of this year, Litecoin has to secure the position of $400 to get more traders and investors. If Litecoin will achieve this target then this coin will be a priority in the market.


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