Bitcoin is now known as a famous payment option and different platforms are using this cryptocurrency to help people in paying in the easiest way. Few online websites were dealing in bitcoin where you can shop as much as you can with the bitcoin and you don’t any physical currency for it. Do you know that now you can have your favorite food bucket in KFC through bitcoin? Yes, you heard me right. If you have few bitcoin in your pocket then you are allowed to purchase a chicken bucket of KFC because now this food platform is accepting bitcoin as a payment method.

The KFC’S Canadian website is showing the different payment method includes bitcoin which is actually a great news for the people who are actually rich when it comes to the cryptocurrency. The bitcoin bucket of KFC is different than the other meals and this offer is for the limited time. If you have a bitcoin in your bucket then you can choose bitcoin bucket of KFC and pay for it. The customers in Canada can have this bucket only in exchange for bitcoin and you can enjoy your meal of the day.

This bitcoin bucket includes waffle fries, a medium gravy, 10 tenders original recipe and 2 dips. You can have this bucket in just $20. The company also wrote on its website that this offer is for the limited time and this offer is only valid in Canada. Apology to the other countries. At the end of 2017, bitcoin showed it’s position to the world and after going through the many ups and downs people are quite confident and passionate about cryptocurrency. Citizens of Canada are now able to enjoy their bitcoin meal if they have some Satoshi in their wallet to have some food in return.

For the promotional purpose, KFC also uploaded a video on their Facebook account where they let their Canadian customers know about bitcoin payment method. After that video people are not getting enough of it and they are finding it the most attractive deal. The KFC outlet is dealing with the other stores as well to check bitcoin as a primary payment method right now in South Africa as well. Last year store name Pay and Pick checked the bitcoin payment method successfully and allowed people to purchase their groceries through bitcoin wallet which is a convenient and easy way to sell.

The bitcoin method at Pick and Pay is not active anymore but in future, it’s going to be active because according to the store this method is safe and instant as compared to the card fraud where people buy groceries on credit card and never pay back to the store. This method is safe and after the successful trial of the KFC bitcoin payment method this is going to be more reliable and people will trust it. This method of payment is going to be the major game changer in the history of online shopping.

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