eToro has quickly risen to the top of the crypto ecosystem. They have had a series of new hirings. Among tem is Iqbal Gandham, who is the Managing Director of their UK division.

Iqbal manages eToro's business activities in the UK. Prior to eToro, he held senior positions as a CMO and CTO, in addition to founding several companies. He co-founded India’s largest web-hosting business, launched telecoms startups and then progressed to cloud computing. Following this, he joined a fledgling startup called Nutmeg as CMO and helped shape it into the UK’s largest robo-advisor.

He recently spoke to The Block Crypto about the future of his company and especially their Gibraltar-regulated crypto exchange that was launched last month.

“I’d call [April’s announcement] a medium launch. Not a soft launch as such, but we’re definitely looking to add far more featrres. We’re pacing ourselves. Crypto has different nuances to consider. We’re learning,” he said.

eToro is hoping to open up the world of investing to people who may not have thought that they were previously interested or capable:

“As with any investment class or asset, we want to open up investing to a wider audience. I think that cryptocurrencies–being so new–people are very weary of what they are and how they should trade and invest them, particularly due to the volatility.”

They have designed a new kind of crypto exchange wallet that is available to everyone without compromising on security or quality. The wallet is regulated and compliant with the highest levels of licensing.

The new exchange will push the industry forward and redefine crypto for both retail and corporate customers. The platform aims to offer an ever-evolving collection of crypto assets to all, including cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and the infrastructure to support tokenized assets.

Now, to expand the team, eToro is looking to hire. Although unlike Coinbase and Bakkt, they are not looking for Wall St. bigshots. He even spoke abut the security of exchanges, saying that it is the biggest threat facing crypto exchanges.

“Do banks get hacked? I don’t know. But there’s fraud. And e-commerce sites definitely do, yet we don’t continuously report on that. If you’re online, you’re going to get hacked,” he stated.

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