Ethereum is emerging as a competitor of Ripple XRP and after the ratings of Weiss, it seems like that Ethereum has gained much power. As compared to the bitcoin it seems like Ethereum is doing a good score and analysts are predicting it as a rival of bitcoin.

In the ranking of Weiss report, Ethereum got a B grade which is highest in the report. All the other cryptocurrencies are not having such great rankings and it seems like they are sinking. Ethereum is getting the title of the second most popular token in the market right now.

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The Florida based company Weiss who gives a rating to the assets give all their praises to the Ethereum due to the low transaction fee and faster speed. In that report A= Excellent while lowest grade E= Very weak. In the whole report none of the 74 tokens got A but the highest grade which was B obtained by Ethereum.

As per the company’s statement, they are not going to provide any A’s to any token until they feel like this currency is helping the dead market in rising up once again and which proved itself to be non-volatile.

To avoid any kind of misunderstanding, this company avoid A’s in the list and placed every currency in the report accordingly. Due to the delays in transactions, higher transaction fee and crackdowns against it, bitcoin got C+ on the rating card.

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The company said in a statement that no matter how much struggle bitcoin is doing but still it’s not enough and they are not ready to upgrade their prompt code. Bitcoin is able to achieve some success in the form of gaining one figure but not able to clear all the allegations.

Taust Sollus wealth management president, Al Zdenek said that investors should not totally depend on the report card but they should enter into the market with caution and with their own sense.


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