It seems like every cryptocurrency in the market is changing its face every day in the world. Someday it’s on top while another day it’s at it’s lowest point. In 2018 what you should expect from the cryptocurrency? Nobody can predict exactly what’s going to happen in just a year.

As compared to the bitcoin and Ripple XRP, Ethereum is not getting much affected with all the problems happening around it. You can say it’s less volatile in nature than other cryptocurrencies. Shares and value of ETH are not going down as many people expected it to be.

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If you compare ETH to USD then for sure it seems like ETH is the winner in 2018 due to the maintenance of position and how it’s dealing with the downfall of the market. Bitcoin is going through the same situation as Ripple and Litecoin but still, bitcoin has more demand and doing better in a market in tough situations.

Right in this scenario, it’s not possible to predict in which direction ETH will go forward, it seems like ETH is in the last stage of crucial time this week. Next week ETH will work at the fast pace.

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The possibility is also that ETH may go downside if there will be another crackdown in the coming week. If some firm or bank is going to adopt ETH as their investment tool or payment method then there is nothing which can stop ETH from growing in just a year.

At this moment if you analyze the positions of cryptocurrencies then, of course, ETH is the winner in all and it’s clear. What is going to happen in the upcoming weeks is still unpredictable, you never know Ripple and bitcoin will be back to their positions and can have a giant of cryptocurrency title once again with pride.


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