The DasCoin Ponzi Scheme Has Finally Collapsed, And The GreenPower Fork Scam Has Been Revealed

With the collapse of the DasCoin Ponzi Scheme, it has prompted the company to go ahead and shut down their official website. When you go to their site, you will immediately be presented with a hard fork message. But there is a new fork reboot that they are referring to as the GreenPower.

The launch Of DasCoin

Back in 2016 is when the platform was launched, this was done through the Coin Leaders, and after this, the platform was later renamed, from Coin Leaders to the Net Leaders. The CEO of DasCoin, Michael Mathias went on to defend his Ponzi scheme, but this led him to make up a partnership with the government of Maltese.

When it was announced that investigations were underway, looking into the criminal activities on the Net Leaders and the DasCoin in Poland, it underwent a rebrand. The NetLeaders went ahead to rebrand themselves to Excelz; this was done late last year.

But in early April it looks like Excelz got abandoned. It is claimed that the company lost its official website after the registrar had sized their domain in April.

When we shift to DasCoin, it was able to get itself listed on several public exchanges, and right after this, the grossly inflated internal value of the company drastically plunged. At the moment the company has a public trading of about 1.5 cents. The GreenPower fork is a direct copy and paste of the DasCoin blockchain; the only new thing is the name.

Therefore, the GreenPower platform is just DasCoin 2.0, and there is nothing new the platform has brought to the table it is just filled with desperate DasCoin victims who are ready to pump out. But the pump will only happen once there are new gullible investors attracted to the platform.

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