After the cryptocurrency stability on January 21, it feels like that the value is getting out of hand and once again people are keeping their hopes up in waiting of a miracle. Once again all the cryptocurrencies fall by 10% which is not a great sign for the investors and traders. Bitcoin is trying to improve its position from $10,000 to $13,000 but after every 2 hours interval bitcoin get back to $12,000 which means bitcoin is still not stable on the market. In the mid-December, all cryptocurrencies were on top but from the January it seems like that the time of cryptocurrency is up.

South Korea and China markets are playing a massive role in keeping the cryptocurrency value low while on the other hand countries like Switzerland and Sweden are all ready to invest their capital in digital assets. As compared to the other currencies in the market Bitcoin and Ethereum falls 6% and hopefully, in few weeks it will get recover. According to the market analyst bitcoin and Ethereum trading volume is far more than the other currency which is getting low in value and in trading as well.

If we talk about the history of previous 12 months then we can see there were no major corrections made in that time period bur in the January every day is an exam to investors and traders. In the business terms cryptocurrency low value is healthy but if the market is going to struggle daily for the position then soon it will all be over. If buyers are going to buy the coins in a large quantity and once again the demand will rise then all the cryptocurrencies will be back to the high values as they were before.

Russians are getting aware of bitcoin which is increasing the demand for cryptocurrency and it has been also reported that out of 10 only 1 case has reported of selling bitcoin in India. The daily trading value and volume of cryptocurrency will decide the future of it.


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