You can say that mixed bag of emotions is everywhere since cryptocurrency starts getting down. Everyone was getting mad at it and people were saving money to invest in cryptocurrency but this heavy fluctuation which plunged every cryptocurrency double digit to single digit make every person question their sense of investment. People around the world are thinking and looking at this investment now differently. Due to the multiple actions by government in different countries cause bitcoin and Ripple to go down. Bitcoin which was at $19,000 in the mid-December is now at $11,000 which is a huge loss for the investors who are still waiting for the profit to sell it out.

Many investors are getting panic and they are looking for the buyers now to sell what they have before it’s too late while on the other hand there are so many investors who are still holding it in hope of that someday it’s going to be high and they will get what they always dreamed of. On twitter new world war has already begun where anti cryptocurrency and fans of cryptocurrency are fighting and supporting their statements. Redditor Bluntlord also issued a statement over this that I don’t believe why started to buy this fake currency. I have no idea about the trading of currency and shares but I got a glance at it and I knew it this is going to be a real loss for the people.

Investors who were tweeting to defend cryptocurrency before this crash has nothing to say and they are trying their best find a buyer and to sell it as soon as possible. Redditor also states that bitcoin is not about the money but it’s about building a community and people should never forget that. This is necessarily not the end of the cryptocurrency but few people are walking from their devices because they can’t tolerate this loss anymore. Whereas some people are declaring it as an ideal time to buy cryptocurrency and then hold it till it gets higher to sell it out. People are coming out with a different opinion but the point is who is going to make a right decision and who is going to lose time and everything they have?



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