Ripple enthusiasts are very excited about the release that is taking place; it is the resale of the Codius smart contract platform. The reason being, it was first released by the Stefan Thomas, who’s is the former CTO at the Ripple, at the moment he is running the Coil. What all this means is that the new platform that they have in place will actually be an extension to the current Ripple Family.

The primary goal for the Chief is to ensure that they have introduced the interoperability of the different types of blockchains in the market, plus being able to devise different and new ways that they could monetize the web. It is to ensure they are able to do away with the conventional techniques that they would do things.

As an investor, then this could be a perfect time to be bullish about this particular coin.

The big question on each investors mind

The next big question that is in each individual’s mind is if the value of the coin will reach the $10 value with just Codius.

The answer to this burning question is definitely ‘no’, the reason being the Ripple will require to have more than just a simple, innovative smart contract platform to boost its current value. The crucial factor that could help in skyrocketing the value of the coin is the SBI Virtual Currencies which is newly launched for the digital currency exchange.

The trading platform has been designed to only focus on XRP, Ripple; it is because the parent company from the SBIHoldings has been in partnership with the Ripple company for more than two years.

Yoshitaka is a little bullish on the digital currency

Yoshitaka Kitao is the CEO of the company and has been a little bullish on the $10 Ripple. He tweeted several times on the price prediction of this coin and it seems he is very serious about the new trading platform, the SBI Virtual Currencies.

The other factor that could lead to the increase in the value of the coin is the latest statements made by Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of the Ripple; he feels that several banks will start utilizing the products offered by the Ripple by the year 2019. What this means is that the financial institutions together with the remittance service providers will likely use the xRapid service.

The xRapid is the only product of the Ripple company that has been able to utilize the XRP in sourcing instant liquidity for the various cross-border transactions that take place. What this means is that with more of the xRapid service being utilized then we should be able to see more of the XRP being sourced in the supply.

Thus, this will be able to create a wave in demand that will eventually be able to increase the value of this digital currency. All this making the $10 value of the Ripple achievable this year.

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