Everyone knows the name “John McAfee,” though the majority of these people probably know him from the massive antivirus company he created several decades ago. In 2012, he became notable for leaving his former home Belize when the police were looking to question him, regarding the murder of a nearby neighbor. Ultimately, it was released that he isn’t a suspect, and he even ran for the Libertarian nomination for President three years later, which he lost.

Now, a new documentary is due to be released about the time that McAfee had in Belize, implying that he was involved in two murders and the rape of a Harvard biologist who worked with him in a lab. The film will not be released until September 24th, but it was already shown at the Toronto International Film Festival under the title “Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee,” as reported by Fortune.

When Fortune reached out for comments, McAfee insisted that he was falsely accused over the course of four pages, adding that the press had been brutalizing his reputation for years. He says that Showtime paid off the documentary’s sources to accuse him on-camera of the crimes, and he added videos that show that Showtime may possibly be recanting their story.

The Showtime documentary does not leave much wiggle room for questions. The allegations in it include that:

  • McAfee had a neighbor killed after McAfee’s dog was poisoned.
  • The murdered neighbor was an intruder.
  • McAfee had the neighbor tortured, leading to his death
  • McAfee was a coprophiliac.

Does anyone take kindly to being portrayed as a murderer? Not so much. However, considering the brazen disposition of McAfee, anyone can imagine that his response was not pleased. After the article from Fortune was published, Calvin Ayre posted to Twitter, saying that he was not directly calling McAfee a murderer, and instead pointed out that a man who murdered his neighbor was compensated for these actions by McAfee, making him indirectly involved in this murder.

In response, McAfee declared that Ayre has 12 hours to “correct this lie” in public. He threatened that “everything [Ayre] own[s]” will become his.


The post itself was published almost 7 hours ago, and one person even pointed out that the timeline was generous, considering the defamation. McAfee said that Ayre has “no choice” and stated that the press will release the “truth” on the matter by tomorrow, embarrassing Ayre greatly. He pointed out that he “never lose[s],” and it does not look like he believes that he will lose now.


Another user questioned how McAfee would even be able to perform these actions, considering that he is “in exile from the USA,” and Ayre is not in the US either. McAfee responded that there’s lawyers around the world that could “legally bleed someone dry,” adding that he knows all of them. He claimed that he would still be able to cost Ayre millions, even if he “carve[d] his own country out of Antarctica.”


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