Calvin Ayre Claims Control Of World’s Largest Publicly Traded Crypto Mining Company

Squire Mining, a mining firm based in Vancouver, partnered with Calvin Ayre. Concerning the partnership, Squire stated

“Squire Mining Ltd. is pleased to announce that on May 29 it entered into a letter agreement with Calvin Ayre, Cunning Hams Limited and Tansley Equipment Limited to directly or indirectly purchase all of the issued and outstanding shares of four corporations consisting of Cunning Hams, Tansley, Woodland Technology Group Inc and Laser Lollipop Limited which own and operate a fleet of cloud computing assets in Canada, the United States and China, representing approximately 2,985 petahash.”

The release also indicates that Ayre will receive 80 million units of common shares. Together the partners aim to develop a blockchain business and a large public portfolio. Ayre tweeted about the partnership, stating:

“I now control the largest publicly traded #Bitcoin mining company in the world and it is dedicated to protecting mining as we know it by moving the world to massively scaling #BSV. Expect to see me on Business news a lot more.”

He also added on Twitter,

“I should add…I still retain a private mining fleet that is also dedicated to saving mining as we know it by making original #Bitcoin #BSV the worlds global ledger and global money. Its not too late to come join us make this all happen as its now inevitable that scaling wins.”

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