Brad Garlinghouse is a man who is responsible for the creation of XRP token. If he is a CEO of Ripple it doesn’t mean that he is in favor of every single token coming in the market. He is having some opinions about tokens as well and according to him most of the tokens in a market will end up at zero.

If cryptocurrency is in the market then it’s not necessary that every token is going to increase. Many of them are new and people are not willing to adopt them until the company is offering them ICO’s.

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At the Goldman Sach’s Technology and internet technology on Tuesday, Brad GarlingHouse talked to the audience and said he thinks that most of the cryptocurrencies will crash to the zero due to no transactional support and after that, it will not be possible for them to exist in the market anymore.

Still, many coins are useless in the market because investors and traders have no idea what they are doing and how they are supposed to use this currency in their work? XRP which was at its peak in December at the value of $3.31.

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XRP is known as the third largest cryptocurrency in the market but people are criticizing it too due to its links with banks and major firms which is advantageous for the token to be on top.

The value of Ripple XRP is not able to keep it on the top charts but adoptions are in favor of it and few analysts think that Ripple XRP has nothing to offer other than the faster transactions and lower processing fee which makes it prior than the others. Currently, Ripple has crossed $1 successfully but it’s still too far away from the highest value of Ripple XRP which was $3.31.


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