Over the past one week, cryptocurrency has done really well. Bitcoin has recovered its value from $6000 while Ripple has recovered from the value of $0.50. You can say this is a strong week for cryptocurrency where traders have started to buy some coins again and somehow market value is reaching near $400.

Ripple has done extremely well and ended up with one more major partnership with UAE exchange. Ripple has a number of adoptions now in favor and its value is considered to be safe. Predictions are that Ripple may use more due to the payment method addition.

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Over the past week Bitcoin has changed about 21.6% in value and today Bitcoin has gained 6.2$ of the value. The performance of Ethereum is considerable as well and ETH has recovered 20.9% in a week, 4.7% in 24 hours. Ripple has recovered in a week 48.7% while in a day Ripple XRP has recovered about 4.7%.

Bitcoin cash has recovered about 36.1% in a week and 2.2% in a day. Last but not the least Cardano gained 30.8% in a week and 0.9% in a day. The current value of Cardano is $0.36 which may compete with Ripple XRP in future.

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To make bitcoin demand more, coinbase is trying to simplify bitcoin for the merchants so like Ripple XRP people can use bitcoin too and this is going to leave a positive impact on bitcoin’s value and demand.

Very few merchants are accepting bitcoin as a payment method due to the slow speed and higher processing fees. While Ripple XRP has the ability to do double of transactions as bitcoin and it has cheaper fees which are affordable for everyone. Coinbase is trying to make bitcoin payment method work same as PayPal in different stores which may redirect you to the wallet or website to pay.


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