Bitcoin to Have Increment After Dull Weeks


In 2017, bitcoin got increment in its value which made everyone crazy about it and people left traditional trading for cryptocurrency trading. Due to the rapid increment in value, it has successfully generated a huge amount of interest among people.

In December 2017 bitcoin raised about $19,000 and people were able to have maximum profit out of it but suddenly after crackdowns and regulations, it plunged all the way to $6000. It was one of the most shocking changes in value and traders suffered from great loss after this fluctuation.

Bitcoin started to stable itself at the end of February and successfully break the barrier of $9500 after a long struggle. Many investors at that time were trying to sell their coins off in the market and they were trying to stay away from it. Due to the major crash of bitcoin, capital of cryptocurrency market effected and all coins declined.

In February Ripple (XRP) got a title of a hero which gained overnight increment in value and supported other coins as well. Soon after this phase Ripple (XRP)plunged below $1 and at that time bitcoin was the only coins showing progress in the market.

Currently, Bitcoin is showing progress and standing in the position of $11,535 with an increment of 2.73%. The market cap of bitcoin has reached to $194,966,814,901 with the volume in 24 hours $6,356,110,000.

After fluctuation in market bitcoin has gone above $10,500 and if it will break the barrier of $11,700 then in just one-month bitcoin can reach $13,000. With the major and minor crashes, bitcoin will be able to achieve the target of $25,000 at the end of 2018. It depends on the number of serious traders in the market as well.


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