Currently, bitcoin is doing well in the market however it’s not in the position to cross the value of $10,000in February 2018. After a long month of January and after such heavy losses it may take time to have such increment in value but if a market will run according to the current trend then cryptocurrency is definitely going to achieve their target at the end of 2018.

As per predictions it has been seen that in the first week of Feb bitcoin plunged below $6000 and then suddenly rise above $8000 which proved cryptocurrency volatile but profitable as well.


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Bitcoin is extremely helpful for the investors who like to have quick profit in return of their investments and who have experience of going through enduring of loss. Investors and traders who are willing to do risky investments will definitely get the right profit out of cryptocurrency.

Ryan Derks said that bitcoin value can shoot to the unbelievable value if people will go against traditional currency and would like to move towards the cryptocurrency. If countries like Zimbabwe are going to continue cryptocurrency usage then there will be no process of value slowdown in future and market will be much stable.

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Only 5% of the people in the world are using cryptocurrency while some of from rest of the population are against it due to the risky investment and volatile nature and some still don’t know about it. Zimbabwe is considered as the largest country and if citizen there are going to adopt bitcoin as their digital currency then there will be no way that bitcoin can stop from reaching $1,00,000 at the end of 2018.

As bitcoin supply is limited and if 10% or 15% of the people around the world will start using it then this target is absolutely nothing to achieve. Cryptocurrency can make its way in the world and would be convenient for the people to deal their financial matter without involving the third party.


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