There are a number of cryptocurrencies in the market but few are having the attention of traders and investors due to the constant news and facilities they are providing to the audience. Here are some of the predictions and analysis for today.


LTC is having double digit increment as rumors started to hover around the market that on 18th February there will be certain changes in Litecoin and it is going to be improved in terms of technicality. Charlie Lee who is a founder of Litecoin denied all the rumors and cleared there will be no update anytime soon. Right now the index is quite intense where traders are competing with each other and who has better cryptocurrency in their wallets which can improve quickly.

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Bitcoin is not showing any major changes in charts in last 24 hours. As compared to the buyers, sellers are still active in the market and which is affecting the value of bitcoin. Bitcoin in USD currently is at $8800 and maybe this is the value at which bitcoin will be closed. The last value which could be expected minimum is $8700 and maximum must be $8800-$8900. Due to the no excitement in market possibilities are that bitcoin may find itself in trouble due to no increasing demand in the market regarding bitcoin.


After the major loss in value from $3.06 to $0.50, XRP has recovered a lot more than expected. During last three days, Ripple has to gain double digits about 46% in the market which has left a positive impact on the market capitalization as well. Ripple may cross $1.12 this month and if it goes towards the crashing then the first target is $0.99 and second is $0.79. If Ripple is going to crash more than that it will lose its credibility. Today Ripple may close at the value of $1.03-$1.01 minimum and maximum at the value of $1.04.


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