If we say that cryptocurrency investors and traders are going through the examination phase then it’s not going to be a false statement. Every minute is crucial for them and their eyes are always on the value if it’s crossing a right value or not?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many other cryptocurrencies are on the target, some want it to plunge all the way to zero while investors want them to achieve their value target in few months. It’s hard to say in which direction cryptocurrency will choose to go but right at this point, they all are recovering well without any crash.

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After such a dramatic crash in cryptocurrency market in last few weeks now it’s time to look towards the new beginning. In last 24 hours, Ripple has already crossed $1 which is a great recovery of Ripple from the loss.

During market fluctuation Ripple dived all the way to the $0.50 which made every investor and trader think that Ripple is not going to get back to its position but still due to the major adoptions Ripple is considered as one of the safest cryptocurrencies. It is affordable and faster than the others in terms of transaction and processing.

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From the morning of Monday Ripple has been standing at $1.08. If market trend is going to be this stable then Ripple is definitely going to achieve the target of crossing $5 in 6 months. According to the few experts, Ripple is not a cryptocurrency but due to the safe side of Ripple investors are attracting towards it.

This morning the market capitalization of cryptocurrency is about $42Billion which is still too far from the previous which was $145.5Billion but still it’s a green signal for investors. The cryptocurrency is going up on the ratio of 12% which has fewer chances of going down and high chances of shooting up.


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