ETH is not that hot topic of the crypto market but if we are talking about the progress then ETH is the only cryptocurrency which is getting less affected by the current situation of the market. In the past few weeks ETH was fulfilling the targets and was able to prove itself but this week due to the major fluctuation in a market after regulating cryptocurrency ETH got crash too.

ETH is the only currency which proved itself as a stable currency but here are the 3 reasons why Ethereum is getting low this week in value.


After the announcement of social media giant Facebook that it will not entertain any ads regarding cryptocurrency or ICO, it is not possible to draw new investors towards it. Every cryptocurrency needs aggressive marketing to make it values high by increasing buyers in a market. Platforms, where you can place ads of cryptocurrency, are not accepting it anymore due to the scams and hacking. This actions left Ethereum helpless and low in value.

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As compared to the Ripple XRP and bitcoin Ethereum is the less adaptive in all. Ripple is getting accepted all over the world as a payment method but still, it’s less in adoption. After the ban of cryptocurrency in Japan except for bitcoin, it gets affected because one more door is closed on it which means fewer buyers. This is of course not a great news for the Ethereum followers.

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After a wave in a market which made every cryptocurrency shake, ETH also gets down to the lowest value. Due to the fluctuation in value trading volume of ETH seems like untouched which is partially true. Trading volume of ETH is going down which is the reason why a value is not able to recover in the market. Still at this point as compared to the other currencies lose fewer shares in the market.


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