21-23 February Ethereum Price Prediction


During the last twelve days, Ethereum has gained about 400$ and progress of this coin was quite clear in the market. Investors and traders were getting attracted towards it and were investing a huge amount in it but suddenly after a crackdown in Bangladesh, all cryptocurrencies started to decline. From the green light, all coins move towards red light and got minus in value in few hours. Ethereum was quite close to the $1000 when it started to plunged down once again due to the crackdowns and bans in Bangladesh. What should we expect next from Ethereum in 2018?

Ethereum was almost near $1000 and after such a great progress market was expecting Ethereum to be on top but currently Ethereum is standing at the value of $845 with the 5.51% minus in value in just 2 days. The market cap of Ethereum has reached to $82,632,515,528 with the volume in 24 hours $2,237,180,000.

After the crackdown is going to be over chances are that Ethereum will start recovering itself once again and will be able to achieve its target predicted by experts and analysts by witnessing a technical growth of this coin. The expected drop in value is $750 currently by beholding movement.

If cryptocurrency will stay down for the longest time then the possibility is this figure may go down below $700 and Ethereum will lose its half of the value due to the crackdown. But if Ethereum will start climbing up in the market after getting support from investors, traders and major firms then it can break the barrier of $1000 and can reach the target of $2000.

During this crash, the maximum low where Ethereum can reach is $560 which is going to be an ideal time for the investors to invest their amount in Ethereum and wait for a while until market get back to the previous position.


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