As we are moving forward with the technology every day and we can see how cryptocurrency is taking command of the future. Now that time is not so far when people will use cryptocurrency for the selling and buying goods. 2017 was a great year for the cryptocurrency where they got exposure and attention of major firms around the world.

In the starting of 2018 due to the few crackdowns, cryptocurrency plunged down in the market and still trying to stabilize. The questions are what 2018 is holding for the cryptocurrency and what are the predictions of analysts and investors this year?

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If we are talking about the cryptocurrency then Ripple is one of the most attention gaining currency right now. Ripple got the highest number of gains and investors witnessed the remarkable progress of it. Two major companies’ western union and Seagate showed their positivity to adopt Ripple as their payment partner.

XRP is having the great market capital which is about 80 Billion in numbers. Over the past 12 months, Ripple represents a great growth and major companies all around the world are quite convince to invest a huge sum of money on Ripple for the better and promising future.

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Bitcoin is not in such a great position right now but if we talk about what happened 2 years back then, of course, people who bought it back then have enjoyed about 900 percent increment till now. What happened in the few weeks of January in the market may take some time to get stable.

Despite its downfall companies are recognizing bitcoin and are ready to accept it as a payment method or an investment tool where they can utilize it creatively. Bitcoin is still on top in the crypto market due to the value and still exciting people with its value.

2018 is providing a great support to the cryptocurrency and according to the reports, it may be possible that bitcoin will reach the $25,000 or more whereas Ripple can touch the $50 figure easily. Digital currency bank is all set to get launch in China which means cryptocurrency is here to stay and it’s not that volatile you think it is.


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